Weekly Podcast Coming soon

Update these podcasts are now up and running but you can still read this post about the podcasts and how yu can get involved.

Hey Friends,

I will be doing a weekly podcast that will look back on the weeks blog and events of the week. Each week I will also be featuring a Musician, singer/songwriter etc. This will include a couple of tracks and a short bio on the artist and hopefully

some interviews along the way. There is so much good music away from the mainstream industry and I hope through a weekly feature you will find music you enjoy too. Would love you to get involved as well. You can contact us using the contact form on the left hand side of this web page. Let me know who you are where you are and what you love doing. Would also be good to hear what you love/hate about your town and what events it isĀ  that has got you all talking where you are.

Stay tuned friends it wont be long

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