The wonder of being creative

Creativeness as you know can come in many forms whether it be painting, drawing, photography, writing, music, sculpturing, dancing, acting and so on. Its mind blowing that everything all around us started with a thought a dream a vision with in someones mind. There is also something very peaceful about spending time on your own creating something from a thought within your head. The frustration can come when the the end result does not match the the vision you had in your mind, its then that you are faced with a decision of, is the end result something I can live with, is it for the intended purpose and do I have or want to spend the time continuing to work on what ever project you are creating. This is where you need to find the balance.

Whatever I’m doing that is creative usually writing or drawing, one of the reasons I enjoy both these things is because the process takes me into to a world of my own where I just feel so relaxed that I could spend forever in this place. Now if you have created something that has turned out not quite as you wanted there are times where I can live with that other times I have to work on it more because I want to get it exactly how I had visioned it. It is good not settling for second best but it can be quite stressful when you are just not getting there with the original picture you had in your mind. So that’s what I mean by finding the balance if you are like me using your creativeness because you enjoy how it makes you feel then getting stressed out is going to take you away from the reason you are doing it in the first place.┬áSo what do I do when I am not happy with something I have created. At first I used to just throw it in the trash whatever it was I was working if I wasn’t 100% happy with it. But by chance I stumbled on a valuable lesson, now when I am working on something and I just am not happy with I will put it aside and walk away and leave it. Sometimes I admit end up forgetting about it, then when I remember or want to revisit it I am suddenly seeing it with new eyes and more often than not you will be impressed with your creation or know exactly how to fix it. Its amazing, and the reason I think this is, is this, sometimes like anything in life when your right there in the middle of something you just cant see the full picture, your mind is so focused it sometimes can cloud the reality of it. So when you walk away a revisit it your not so involved that you see it in a new light, try it you’ll be amazed.

Have you ever heard an actor say that this producer or that producer is a nightmare to work with? I can now understand the producers point of view the outcome is just not matching the vision in his or her head and sometimes it is good and healthy to keep going until you get it exactly right but here’s another thing. Sometimes you can rework and rework something that is perfectly good but becomes trash because it has been overworked, so that is another reason for walking away for a bit and then revisiting your creation.

Have you ever heard the term getting in the zone? This where you yourself or with others are working on something and then something magical happens. Its like your suddenly in a trance and coming up with something really great. I have experienced this a few of times. When I played in a band and also when working on something on my own. Its like wo what just happened there. It can take a bit of chipping away at first to get there but once you are fully immersed in something you all of a sudden no where your going with your project its all you can see and all you do with it is just perfect and right then before you know it hours have past when it only seemed like five minutes. This is a place well worth visiting. How to get there, if your working on something a you feel your not getting there just keep going lose yourself in it but try not to get frustrated otherwise you are better walking away for a bit a then coming back like I said in the previous paragraph. When you do revisit it again you will get lost in it and will get right in the zone.

So friends I would love to hear what you lose yourself in please comment below and feel free to share on social media using the icons below.

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