The final chapter

I’ve always said a life is like an adventure novel, full of action, drama, thrills, and spills, not to forget the highs and lows. Les was no different, he had his fare share of action and adventure over the years. He served in the Royal Air force as a pilots navigator and also flew for theĀ prestigious red arrows before they were red if I can remember rightly. Les was also a keen motorcyclist and his biking adventures were equally thrilling but he gave biking up when a friend was killed on an outing.

I first met Les on my Window Cleaning round as I clean his windows every month. We were known for our legendary lengthy conversations about anything and everything. These all took place on his front driveway once I had finished cleaning his windows, well if he was home of course. From his days in the RAF to whether the earth is flat or a globe, but what ever it was we seemed to have a connection despite his twenty to thirty odd years more life experience than me. I think this was down to us having very similar interests from music, to vinyl records to a love of the outdoors to motorbikes and cars. Believe me we covered it all. I found his past history fascinating and his life stories thrilling at times to listen to, and it was always good to get his point of view on any subject I was pondering over as his advice was always sensible and balanced.

So why my tribute to Les now? Well last week I was round cleaning his windows on my window cleaning round and no one was home, not unusual people go out don’t they. But it was not until I was cleaning his next door neighbour that I found out Les had passed away the week before. Like anything else unexpected it took my breath away and left me with a heavy heart. But its his wife and grown up kids I’m thinking of too. It can be hard enough when you see it comming but when you don’t, that must be devastating. Les may be gone but all those stories of his pastĀ  will live on and I will always remember them with admiration accompanied with a warm smile on my face. I do hope there is something beyond this life as I sure wouldn’t mind crossing paths with les again.

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