The early morning Airport run

3.30am friends, somehow I managed to pull my self out of bed get dressed and come round to some kind of awakened consciousness. My 20 year old son meanwhile who will be boarding a plane to Salou in about 2 hours has been up showered and hyper with the anticipation of his  holiday ahead. Stepping out to the car, the still darkened town was still and quiet at least until I started the engine of my diesel Volvo V70, just one pick up on the way and that was to pick up my Sons Girlfriend 4 miles away.

Having made the planned collection of ones Sons Girlfriend, we had a 25 mile drive ahead. Driving up the M80 then M8 motorway was a breeze and the journey at this time in the morning will only take 30 minutes. 3 hours from now it will be bumper to bumper with commuters trying to get the last day of the week over with before the weekend. Thankfully I will be heading home early enough to miss that as well. The car was reasonably quiet, My Son’s early morning Hyperness died down, I guess  not much sleep was had by both due to excitment, and to be honest at this hour, and me myself not having much sleep, it was a welcomed silence. Even though I tried to get an early night it just didnt happen. A good friend was moving into a new house and I had given him a couple of bits of furniture for his Daughters room. So He came over to pick them up from my house last night. On asking him how he was going to get the furniture unloaded at the other end, well that puppy dog look that everyone can have when in need of help fell over his face, and being that we are good friends I  I did lend a hand without much complaint. I’m sure no, certain he would have done the same for me. However, its not all down to my friend. I did still get back at a semi reasonable time but on trying to get to bed earlier than I normally would, sleep just would not come over me, and here we are now the airport in sight as we made our way round the one way system to the drop off point. My passengers were begining to look more lively and the airport was like a busy shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. We got the cases unloaded and got the hugs over with and off they went in to the crowd. I was caught by surprise as a wave of emotion came over me as they dissapeared, having been swallowed into the mass of holiday makers all pulling along thier suitcasses on wheels and marching towards the main enterance. I managed pulled my self into check and made my way round the one way system and back on to the motorway to head home.

The sun was not up yet but it was beginning to light the sky. There is something special about seeing the light come up. Over the drive home it got lighter and lighter and I felt my soul being fulfilled by what is a daily occurrence, its just we don’t take the time to see it often enough . Everyone really should at least a few times a year watch the sun come up, it really is an unexplainable feeling. My plan now was to drive home via a road that takes you up a hill that looks over my town. I wanted to take a photo and share this beauty with you but on arriving, the mist was very thick and I couldn’t see a thing. One thing is for sure though, we are in for a really hot day.  And as it turned out, it was a scorcher. On arriving home I went to bed for a few hours but didnt feel refreshed when I got up.  It was worth the tiredness to see my Son and His Girlfriend off on holiday and then see the sun comming up.

Friends have a great weekend and please at sometime this Summer, take the time to go out early in the morning and watch the sun come up, it’ll be well worth it. And hey, leave a comment on what feeds your soul I’de love to hear them. please feel free to share this and any other post on social media via the icons below.

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