Hello, its been a while

Hi friends,

Yes it has been a while since my last post, life getting in the way busy time of year for everyone but getting back on track. As I have said before it is surprising how much time it takes to maintain a blog its more than you would think so I have more respect for bloggers than I did before having now gone through the process, as well as that putting out weekly podcasts it has added to the process. But thats not a complaint its just something learned along the way. As for the podcasts I would like to keep doing them as much as possible but promising them weekly is alot to achieve along with the blog and work, however I still intend puting them out as often as I can. I would like them to be more broad but still include music and hopefully talk about other subjects as well and even guests from time to time. A big part of it I would like is for you to get involved and tell us about your life where you live and a bit about yourself and your interests.  If you are interested in doing that you can contact me through the contact envelope on the left hand side of this page. I do love posting and really do enjoy hearing from other people and learning about there life it’s what keeps me motivated.

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This weeks podcast info and what got me podcasting in the first place.

Hello Friends,

Its the start of the week and I have not posted my weekly podcast yet, this will come tomorrow night when I feature an excellent Swedish band. Meantime let me take the time to explain what got me into podcasting the artists that I do.

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Ahh The Record Player and the vinyl record

Hi Friends

If I asked my kids if they knew what a record player was they would probably look at me as if I was a marsh mallow who had just flown in from mars, and when I did that was exactly the reaction. We now have a record player sitting on our sideboard in the living room that gets used regularly. But what is it about the love of records and the record player that is deep rooted with in us that are old enought to remember them. I will never forget the first record player I bought for myself. I bought it from a friend in school for Five pounds which is just over six dollars. Below is a similar to the one I got.

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Short info on up and coming podcast

Hey Friends,

The weekend is upon us again and I hope you are able to enjoy it. I’m glad to look out of my window this morning and see bright sunshine instead of the heavy that rain we have seen in Scotland over the last week.

Allot of my week has been spent setting up the podcasting equipment for the weekly podcast that I will be doing on the blog. this will be feature Bands/Singer songwriters’ music that is away from the main stream industry. What does that mean away from the main stream industry. In the main it means that the artists themselves have the sole rights to their own music and can say how their work can or can’t be used. Unlike record companies owning these rights giving the artist little or no say in direction of their own work. What has been a big surprise to me is the good music that is out there by bands doing it all on their own, I.e Continue reading Short info on up and coming podcast