Ahh The Record Player and the vinyl record

Hi Friends

If I asked my kids if they knew what a record player was they would probably look at me as if I was a marsh mallow who had just flown in from mars, and when I did that was exactly the reaction. We now have a record player sitting on our sideboard in the living room that gets used regularly. But what is it about the love of records and the record player that is deep rooted with in us that are old enought to remember them. I will never forget the first record player I bought for myself. I bought it from a friend in school for Five pounds which is just over six dollars. Below is a similar to the one I got.

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The Breakers Yard

Hey Friends,

Has anyone else got one of those rooms in the house that if you cant find a place for something it goes into that room. Well we have got one of those rooms that took three trips to the local tip to clear. I have been wanting to clear it for a while now, but now its done it not only makes the room more presentable but its another job ticked off the list.

It has been good weather over the last week today included, so when taking the junk to the tip the car was very hot. As normal I went to reach for the switch that controls the electric windows and just before my hand reached the switch I remembered it was broken, the switch not my hand of course. Being that it was hot today the thought of going without a switch for much longer didn’t appeal to my already perspiring brow. I decided that after I had taken all the junk to the tip I would visit a car breakers yard and try and get a new one. Continue reading The Breakers Yard