The Ropey

The Ropey

The Ropey? I hear you ask and whats with the scenic photo?  Aha let the story begin and by the end of the post you will know what a ropey is. Maybe the term is used outside Scotland. Even if you know the answer  Ive tied the explanation up in a childhood memory that puts a smile on my face and I think you will enjoy it too.

The ropey brought many an entertaining afternoon of fun. You know that feeling when you dash home from school rip of your school clothes and fling them up in the air to land who knows or who even cares where.  Tomorrow is a million hours away plenty of time to find them then. Continue reading The Ropey

Good Morning

Friends, its  a better day here than it has been over the last few days. The sun isn’t exactly shinning but its not raining and that for us scots is a bonus.

It is one thing that has been very apparent over the last few years and that is the wetter weather over what would traditionally be called the summer months. May and June seem to be quite good months and then it seems to be longer periods of rain, quite heavy at times. Last year 2015 it seemed to rain from August to Feb 2016 Continue reading Good Morning