Ahh The Record Player and the vinyl record

Hi Friends

If I asked my kids if they knew what a record player was they would probably look at me as if I was a marsh mallow who had just flown in from mars, and when I did that was exactly the reaction. We now have a record player sitting on our sideboard in the living room that gets used regularly. But what is it about the love of records and the record player that is deep rooted with in us that are old enought to remember them. I will never forget the first record player I bought for myself. I bought it from a friend in school for Five pounds which is just over six dollars. Below is a similar to the one I got.

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Only chart music and well known bands count Right?

Wrong, at least I know that now friends. In the days when I was young the only access to Music was through tv, radio and music shops, so you had a very limited scope of what music was out there.  At least I did, being very young there was no access to clubs where bands were playing thier own music.  And of course you wern’t going to spend your pocket money on music from bands you had never heard of before incase you didnt like thier music, as this would leave you feeling hard done by and along wait until your next pocket money day. No I played it safe and only bought what I knew I would listen to. This led me to grow up with a very narrow view of what music was acceptable to me. If it didnt reach the radio or tv then I wasnt interested. I also began to take the view that if the music wasnt created by a bass guitar, drum kit, guitar/s and or at a push a keyboard then it wasnt real music, Ie electronic music wasnt to be counted as music as far as I was concerned. This rigid thinking made me miss out on so much great music. Continue reading Only chart music and well known bands count Right?