The final chapter

I’ve always said a life is like an adventure novel, full of action, drama, thrills, and spills, not to forget the highs and lows. Les was no different, he had his fare share of action and adventure over the years. He served in the Royal Air force as a pilots navigator and also flew for the┬áprestigious red arrows before they were red if I can remember rightly. Les was also a keen motorcyclist and his biking adventures were equally thrilling but he gave biking up when a friend was killed on an outing.

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Into the Wild



Hey Friends,

Being that I had an easy day today, I had time to sit and flick through Netflix this afternoon. I dont usualy find it easy to choose a movie to watch, I find the best films are the ones you come accross not having been planned but by flicking through the channels and comming to a channel where the movie is just starting and you find yourself getting engrossed in it. However one film caught my eye due to it’s title and since I love being out in the wildernes, I had to see what In to the Wild was about. As I got in to the movie and saw the bus in the photo above I quickly realised I had seen a documentary about this very story a while back so this had me hooked.

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