This weeks podcast info and what got me podcasting in the first place.

Hello Friends,

Its the start of the week and I have not posted my weekly podcast yet, this will come tomorrow night when I feature an excellent Swedish band. Meantime let me take the time to explain what got me into podcasting the artists that I do.

Haven been sickened and I mean sickened by the way the mainstream music industry is heading. The artists are having to wear less, dress up in allsorts of absurd attire in order to sell a record, now this tells me two things, One: the music isn’t good enough to sell on its own merit so a little spice needs to be added in order for it sell no matter what length’s the artists has to go to, to achieve that. Two: could it be that I’m turning in to a grumpy old man that cant keep up with the ever changing music industry, no I don’t think so because I have had many discussions with younger and older people who do also raise concerns about the no off limits approach to selling music and it really did surprise me that the younger people had the same thoughts as I was having. This has to tell you something is wrong.

I refused to accept that there was no good music out there that was just about the good music that was being created and nothing else. This is where I discovered so many artists out there recording their own music and owning the sole rights to their music. The digital age has opened up the door and made it so much easier for artists to make music on there own without the need to hire out expensive recording studio’s. The swedish band I am featuring in the next podcast recorded some of their music in a basement and that takes what I think music is about straight back to its grass roots. So that is why I decided to do a weekly podcast featuring a different artists every week, to show other music lovers there is an alternative. So far the response from the artists has been great.

So what next, well I also want the podcasts to be about you, the everyday person. People interest me, as I have said before everyone has a story. So why not click on the contact envelope on the left hand side of this web page and message me telling me where you are from and a bit about yourself and I will do my best give you a mention on the podcast.

If you are an artist and want me to consider featuring your music in one of my podcasts please get in touch the same way mentioned above and we can organise you sending me a few of your tracks.

So for now keep reading and keep listening and most of all get involved either by leaving a comment on your thoughts or getting in touch to feature or get a mention in the podcast.

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