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Hey Friends,

The weekend is upon us again and I hope you are able to enjoy it. I’m glad to look out of my window this morning and see bright sunshine instead of the heavy that rain we have seen in Scotland over the last week.

Allot of my week has been spent setting up the podcasting equipment for the weekly podcast that I will be doing on the blog. this will be feature Bands/Singer songwriters’ music that is away from the main stream industry. What does that mean away from the main stream industry. In the main it means that the artists themselves have the sole rights to their own music and can say how their work can or can’t be used. Unlike record companies owning these rights giving the artist little or no say in direction of their own work. What has been a big surprise to me is the good music that is out there by bands doing it all on their own, I.e recording,promoting, finding funding. These guys often have jobs away from their music, how they make the time for both is to be admired. Others have built up a musical career on their own which is equally impressive.

So why am I taking time and interest in such music? I guess it’s back to enjoying music for the music and not what you are getting in the mainstream. Which is often  about how the performer can push the boundaries of what is acceptable in order to become more popular rather than letting the music do the talking. Maybe that’s the problem, the music sometimes isn’t good enough to do the talking. Either way I hope to show you that just because a song is not  in the charts or constantly if at all in the media, this does not mean that the music is not good enough. Which was probably my perception infact I know it was my perception when I was younger as explained in a previous post which can be found here:  This changed with help of the internet as more access to other music has become more available by bands uploading their music for everyone to listen to.

Anyway back to the podcast so apart from music I will be looking at what’s going on here in Scotland and I would also like you to get involved as well by letting me know what’s going on where you are and where that is, also anything else you want to ramble on about. You can e:mail me using the contact envelope on the left hand side of the web page.

I really want to get the first podcast out at the end of next week. Because I knew how I wanted the audio to sound in the podcast this led to hitting a few snags along the way when setting up equipment needed. When doing test recordings I was getting major interference between my mixer and my laptop. The issue was a grounding problem between different voltages of equipment used. I will be doing a review of the price of equipment I used to get around this problem just shortly and I will put a link here to that post for anyone interested.

“Yesterday is history so write today well so that tomorrow, it can be a history fondly remembered”

Have a great weekend friends, dont forget to comment to let us know your favourite quotes. You can also share this post on social media using the icons below.

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