We never planned to end up at Palacerigg



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Hi Friends,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and had as good a time as we did getting out in this wonderful open space that is in abundance here. Being that it was a lovely afternoon on Saturday, my daughter and I went for a stroll up the trails and through the wooded walkways at the back of the town. A ten minute easy walk from our house and you’re entering the trails and woodland that in just a couple of minutes you’ll feel like you are in the middle of no where Continue reading We never planned to end up at Palacerigg

Weekly Podcast Coming soon

Update these podcasts are now up and running but you can still read this post about the podcasts and how yu can get involved.

Hey Friends,

I will be doing a weekly podcast that will look back on the weeks blog and events of the week. Each week I will also be featuring a Musician, singer/songwriter etc. This will include a couple of tracks and a short bio on the artist and hopefully

Continue reading Weekly Podcast Coming soon

Only chart music and well known bands count Right?

Wrong, at least I know that now friends. In the days when I was young the only access to Music was through tv, radio and music shops, so you had a very limited scope of what music was out there.  At least I did, being very young there was no access to clubs where bands were playing thier own music.  And of course you wern’t going to spend your pocket money on music from bands you had never heard of before incase you didnt like thier music, as this would leave you feeling hard done by and along wait until your next pocket money day. No I played it safe and only bought what I knew I would listen to. This led me to grow up with a very narrow view of what music was acceptable to me. If it didnt reach the radio or tv then I wasnt interested. I also began to take the view that if the music wasnt created by a bass guitar, drum kit, guitar/s and or at a push a keyboard then it wasnt real music, Ie electronic music wasnt to be counted as music as far as I was concerned. This rigid thinking made me miss out on so much great music. Continue reading Only chart music and well known bands count Right?

Into the Wild



Hey Friends,

Being that I had an easy day today, I had time to sit and flick through Netflix this afternoon. I dont usualy find it easy to choose a movie to watch, I find the best films are the ones you come accross not having been planned but by flicking through the channels and comming to a channel where the movie is just starting and you find yourself getting engrossed in it. However one film caught my eye due to it’s title and since I love being out in the wildernes, I had to see what In to the Wild was about. As I got in to the movie and saw the bus in the photo above I quickly realised I had seen a documentary about this very story a while back so this had me hooked.

Christopher McCandles was born in 1968 in El Sugundo California but his family later moved to Annandale Virginia. Continue reading Into the Wild

The Ropey

The Ropey

The Ropey? I hear you ask and whats with the scenic photo?  Aha let the story begin and by the end of the post you will know what a ropey is. Maybe the term is used outside Scotland. Even if you know the answer  Ive tied the explanation up in a childhood memory that puts a smile on my face and I think you will enjoy it too.

The ropey brought many an entertaining afternoon of fun. You know that feeling when you dash home from school rip of your school clothes and fling them up in the air to land who knows or who even cares where.  Tomorrow is a million hours away plenty of time to find them then. Continue reading The Ropey

The early morning Airport run

3.30am friends, somehow I managed to pull my self out of bed get dressed and come round to some kind of awakened consciousness. My 20 year old son meanwhile who will be boarding a plane to Salou in about 2 hours has been up showered and hyper with the anticipation of his  holiday ahead. Stepping out to the car, the still darkened town was still and quiet at least until I started the engine of my diesel Volvo V70, just one pick up on the way and that was to pick up my Sons Girlfriend 4 miles away.

Having made the planned collection of ones Sons Girlfriend, Continue reading The early morning Airport run

Rolling Rock

This poem is called Rolling Rock. I wrote it about the stage in life I suppose everyone goes through when you feel you as if  are just rolling through life like a rock tumbling down a mountain. When you are guided by events that take you in a direction you do not necessarily want to go but not having the strength to take control, it is an endless cycle until we definitively have a picture in our head of where we want to be and making the changes to get us there. This poem is dedicated to all you friends who have either come through these circumstances or find yourself in them. I know how it feels, but take strength in knowing that everything is achievable and you can get to where your heart is telling you, you should be, with courage and determination and support from like minded people. Whishing you all the strength for today.

Rolling Rock

I tumble through life like a rolling rock
Without a plan and no direction
Carried by circumstance,
and not through choice
I cannot stop this rolling rock Continue reading Rolling Rock

Good Morning

Friends, its  a better day here than it has been over the last few days. The sun isn’t exactly shinning but its not raining and that for us scots is a bonus.

It is one thing that has been very apparent over the last few years and that is the wetter weather over what would traditionally be called the summer months. May and June seem to be quite good months and then it seems to be longer periods of rain, quite heavy at times. Last year 2015 it seemed to rain from August to Feb 2016 Continue reading Good Morning


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Its amazing the dedication it takes to maintain a blog but I am enjoying the experience and writing about things from daily life to things that inspire me. I hope you in enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

I should introduce myself. I am Simon, I  came in to this world in 1972 so that makes me twenty —– you can do the math.  I live in a town just outside Glasgow Scotland called Cumbernauld.

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