Change our hearts change the world

Hi Friends

It really has been too long since my last post or podcast, over a week. I cant believe its been that long. Life is hectic thats for sure but glad to be back on track and glad to be back posting and will be getting my next podcast recorded this weekend and published almost straight away once I’m happy with it.

The other night I had the good fortune to witness the sun setting. I had been out for a Continue reading Change our hearts change the world

The Breakers Yard

Hey Friends,

Has anyone else got one of those rooms in the house that if you cant find a place for something it goes into that room. Well we have got one of those rooms that took three trips to the local tip to clear. I have been wanting to clear it for a while now, but now its done it not only makes the room more presentable but its another job ticked off the list.

It has been good weather over the last week today included, so when taking the junk to the tip the car was very hot. As normal I went to reach for the switch that controls the electric windows and just before my hand reached the switch I remembered it was broken, the switch not my hand of course. Being that it was hot today the thought of going without a switch for much longer didn’t appeal to my already perspiring brow. I decided that after I had taken all the junk to the tip I would visit a car breakers yard and try and get a new one. Continue reading The Breakers Yard

Podcast 29th August 16

This weeks podcast features German duo Fragile Tom

For more on Fragile Tom Visit

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Arrrhhh what a week

Hi Friends,

Well what a week, studio flooded!! I’m trying to put off testing my equipment I’m scared to find out if my mixer is still working or not, I have a small back up one but not the anything like my main one which is awesome. Then my network went down and I thought I had lost all my blog posts, however by Thursday it was back up again. So this is why my posts have been few this week. Anyway new podcast to come this weekend and really excited about this weeks artist.

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Very First Podcast


This weeks featured Artist is Maya Solovey, to find out more about Maya Visit her at

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Spur of the moment visit

River Allan

This friends is the the River Allan, it runs through the city of Dunblane. Today my 20 year old son was playing football against Dunblane at Dunblane High School. I would have driven up with my son but being that he needed to leave over an hour earlier than I needed to, we both took our own cars, otherwise I would have been standing about for a while waiting on the team to come out and warm up and start the game. The thirty minute journey is an easy one and is motorway almost all the way. The game was good to watch but my sons team got beat good style however, like good sportsmen they kept their spirits up and congratulated the other team. On checking that everyone had a ride home,  nobody needed me to drop them off so I seized the opportunity to have a wee wonder round this picturesque city.

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A place to be just me



Hi Friends,

I’m sure we all have places that we enjoy going to, to chill out and forget about our daily stresses, but how many places do you have that let you be you in the here and now. A place where you forget about who you are and where you are from. Just your present self being part of your surroundings. If I had read the above words years ago I wouldn’t have understood the concept. Take this place in the picture above for instance. This is Southerness light house, it is on the south west coast of Scotland called the solway coast. It sits on the most Southerly point of the coast hence the name. We came camping here this year a couple of times and my heart tells me I want to go back.

You see when I’m sitting on the rocks watching the ocean toss and turn and wrestle with itself and, seeing birds dive into the water like Olympic divers to catch fish whilst the wind mildly blows across the sandy beach,  I find myself at one with my surroundings and feel part of it here and now. Yesterday doesnt exist neither does tomorrow, even the next minute is not thought of. In fact thinking doesnt take place just the wonder of witnessing the here and now. Continue reading A place to be just me

Static when recording to my laptop and the solution

Good Morning,

Nothing like starting a Sunday morning with a nice cup of tea no milk in it of course. So I thought while feeling chilled out I would write a short review of what issue I had with my laptop and mixer and how I solved it.

Last week as I said in a previous post I was doing some test recordings for my podcast. A problem I came accross was terrible static.  The static was caused between the mixer and the laptop making it impossible to record. There was a couple of things I thought of to resolve this issue and that was to use the laptop off the battery and not the mains. This did not resolve the problem. Then I tried plugging all the pieces of equipment into the same plug socket with an adaptor so that all items were getting the same level of power, again no success. Continue reading Static when recording to my laptop and the solution

Short info on up and coming podcast

Hey Friends,

The weekend is upon us again and I hope you are able to enjoy it. I’m glad to look out of my window this morning and see bright sunshine instead of the heavy that rain we have seen in Scotland over the last week.

Allot of my week has been spent setting up the podcasting equipment for the weekly podcast that I will be doing on the blog. this will be feature Bands/Singer songwriters’ music that is away from the main stream industry. What does that mean away from the main stream industry. In the main it means that the artists themselves have the sole rights to their own music and can say how their work can or can’t be used. Unlike record companies owning these rights giving the artist little or no say in direction of their own work. What has been a big surprise to me is the good music that is out there by bands doing it all on their own, I.e Continue reading Short info on up and coming podcast

Don’t die with your music still in you

Hey Friends,

We’ll we are just about over the half way hurdle towards the weekend. I hope you all are feeling well.

You know there is a quote I will never forget and is one that over the years has become more true and relevant the older I get and that is the following quote from the late Dr Wayne Dyer.

“Dont die with your music still in you”.

But what did he mean by that? Continue reading Don’t die with your music still in you