How to get a comment approved that has a link to your website


Hey Friends,

I really enjoy reading visitors comments and interacting with my readers. I don’t even mind anyone promoting their website in the comments area. But here’s where allot of website owners that comment are going wrong.

Allot of people want to go on to a blog site and just comment with a standard copy and paste suits all comment that makes it evidently clear that the person commenting has not read one word of the post they are commenting on. So its expected that a blogger is going to approve their comment and let them promote their website without them doing any ground work. Hmm that just isn’t going to happen. So what does a visitor need to do if they want to put their website address in a comment and get it approved. well here’s what I do.

I look for blogs and posts that interest me and I read a post that has caught my eye, by read I mean start to finish and not just a couple of lines. I then leave a comment about the post and put my web address the bottom of the comment but most website comment areas now have a section for you to put your web address in. This shows the blogger that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say and not just interested in promoting your own website and in turn as I do they will most likely approve your comment instead of sending it straight to the trash.

So there you have it, we all like to promote our website or blog but if you want others to show interest in your site you have show genuine interest in other sites. Like Im sure most bloggers and website owners the only comments I will not approve are those that I wrote about in this post or if they are abusive or have bad or unacceptable language.

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