Good Morning

Friends, its  a better day here than it has been over the last few days. The sun isn’t exactly shinning but its not raining and that for us scots is a bonus.

It is one thing that has been very apparent over the last few years and that is the wetter weather over what would traditionally be called the summer months. May and June seem to be quite good months and then it seems to be longer periods of rain, quite heavy at times. Last year 2015 it seemed to rain from August to Feb 2016 I’m sure it wasnt that constant but it did seem than way. Winters are not as cold as I remember them when I was young. I could count on one hand the cold frosty days we had last year if any. The last harsh winter we have had in long time was back in 2010 when the snow came in abundance and lasted about 7-8 weeks. Not as harsh as some countries are used to but here in Scotland it was a shock.  I have often asked myself if we never had rain like we do here,then maybe we would not have the beutiful greenery and flourishing rivers we enjoy. Having said that earlier in the year I was out cycling through the wilderness that is abundant around here and came accross a pond in actual fact it is an open clay mine known as the Glencryan Mine. It opened in 1874 and closed in 1958. This area has been renowned for its quality clay. Anyway the mine has become filled with water over time. I remember passing this pond as a boy and it is allot shallower than it used to be, you can see all around the pond where the water used to come up to. This logically doesnt tie up with how wetter it seems to be getting, you’d think that the pond would at least maintain the depth. Also the river that ran off it has now dried up hmm this is one of those itchy questions that will scratch my brain until I find out the answer. I suspect something has collapsed under the pond, possibly a mine tunnel and this would then be the logical answer.

This morning I saw yet another dive bomb from another gull.  In this town and around Scotland the amount of sea gulls that are comming in land is rissing at a staggering pace. Well I reckon they are urban gulls that have never seen a sea shore in thier life, well that maybe the true for Some, but other gulls come in land to nest on roofs so thier chicks are not threatned by priditors and then theyreturn to the coast in winter. This is now nesting season and these gulls are hatching in, inland tiowns. Well to be precice on everyones roof. Dont get me wrong they can be impressive birds the way they command the sky and fly around with thier impressive wing span like fighter jets, and you also find yourself asking  “is that a squalk of are they laughing at us as we dispair at thier antics”? They look for food in bin areas, dive bomb anyone passing houses  where thier young ones are nesting on the roof. They also dive bomb kids and adults with food in thier hands. Is this just a problem in the UK? One thing is for sure residents are getting fed up and looking to MSP’s (Member of Scottish Parliment) to sort it out. How to tackle the problem seems to be causing an issue in itself, as some groups are saying a cull would not iradicate the problem long term. It doesnt help that we have a recycling plant a couple of miles up the road. This plant seems to draw in hundrds of gulls for obvious reasons.

There are plenty of impresive birds around here although I have noticed that these seem to be moving to the outskirts of residential areas. I used to see blue tits and robins regularly in our garden but not in the last couple of years. This could be down to the Seagulls or the amount of cats around for which we have two that would scare any feathered friend away. One of my favourites is the kingfisher of which have alluded me, but I keep an eye out every time I walk along the Luggiebank river which passes through the Luggiebank wood reserve. This is another one of my favourite places to walk in Cumbernauld. It is so peacefull when your walking down there you could be anywhere out in the wilderness, all the stresses of life just fall off me. I used to love walking through Cumbernauld Glen but of recent years it has become more open and doesnt seem to be as out in the wildernes as it once did. This is probably due to two things, one: I’m not young and two foot tall anymore as when my dad used to take me walks through there. So it maybe not be as out in the wilderness as it once seemed when I was a boy. Two: the council have made a mountain cycle track down one of the hills at the bottom of the glen resulting in trees been taken away and in turn it is not so enclosed down that end. Anyway its still worth a walk through, plenty of people do with thier dogs and kids and you can walk to Cumbernauld park which is basically a big Scenic field, hilly in places with park benches and some excellent scenic views. A great place for the kids to let off steam and the dogs to get a bit of exercise. I used to cycle there with the kids and a small camping grill on a Sunday morning. We would cook  bacon rolls for breakfast it was brilliant and did create some good memories. The big house sits at the bottom is now converted into apartments and Known as Cumbernauld house but that is for another post.  Now I’ve rambled on for long enough now. Some of the places I’ve talked about in this post I will dedicate future posts to, and share some photos as well.

As always friends have a wonderfull day friends and dont to comment on what you love about your time and where that is. Please feel free to share this post via social media using the icons below.

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