Don’t die with your music still in you

Hey Friends,

We’ll we are just about over the half way hurdle towards the weekend. I hope you all are feeling well.

You know there is a quote I will never forget and is one that over the years has become more true and relevant the older I get and that is the following quote from the late Dr Wayne Dyer.

“Dont die with your music still in you”.

But what did he mean by that? Should we all sing and play an instrument before we sign out, well if thats your thing then yes but if not then it probably won’t serve you well. What he meant was, if you long and desire to do some then you should make sure you do it before your time is up.  Often we keep puting things of and making excuses and end up never getting to see how life can give you wings and let you fly. Have you ever done something that has got you lost in time and before you know it hours have past but it just seems like you started five minutes ago . Some find it in gardening some find it in music, others in being creative. Every single one of us has got something wonderful to offer and by putting these things off not only are you missing out but the people around you will not get to experience what you have to offer.  Whether it be others enjoying something you have created or people around you just being uplifted by your positivity caused by you doing something that looses you in time.  And thats what Wayne Dyer meant by the quote above. So I would add to that by saying “let what you long to do come out in the open so you and others can experience it and then you will experience life the way it is meant to be for you”.

Creativity is wonderful thing. It fascinates me how all things created started within someone’s head. Nothing that has been made in this world has not started without a vision or a picture in someone’s imagination, and that is quite incredible. Sometimes we can be guilty of rubbishing something that is being called art because of our understanding of what we think art is, but to me art is an expression of something inside the creators head that has been brought out into the light for us to see no matter how it looks.  Sometimes we can’t believe how much an item is selling for but an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. So if something we see is selling for a million times more than we would be willing to pay for it, it is still worth that money as someone else was willing to pay. The point being never let yourself or anyone else rubbish something you have put your heart and soul into. If you felt like you were really living while you were doing it then its priceless.

Often what I have discovered is when I have longed to something but put it off and put it off  then I eventually get round to doing it, I’ve often wished I had done it long ago like my heart was telling me. So this longing that we sometimes have in us to do something we always wanted to, is this intuition telling us this is what we were born to do? I do believe so. The stumbling point can be us telling ourselves “I dont have the money”, or “how will I have the time to do it while working”. I think one of the key points is never stop visioning or picturing what it would be like to do what you’ve always wanted to do, and also include small pieces of it in your daily life and you will see how well it progresses from there. So for instance if you long to have your own garden and make it look awesome but you stay in a flat or a tower block, then start your dream by keeping some plants out on the balcony or veranda if you have one, if not keep them inside beside a window. It sounds so simple but what I am trying to say is a life dream can start in the smallest of ways and grow from there. Once you even take the smallest of action two things will happen: one you will get to vent some of that passion in you that you have been longing to express and two, you will see opportunities come your way that will help you towards achieving your ambition. I am by no means a life coach but these are just some things that I have learnt along the way. They have been of value to me and hey if it helps someone in even the smallest way then I will be happy.

Stay positive friends and share with us your life ambitions or anything that you have found to of helped you achieve your passion.



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