Change our hearts change the world

Hi Friends

It really has been too long since my last post or podcast, over a week. I cant believe its been that long. Life is hectic thats for sure but glad to be back on track and glad to be back posting and will be getting my next podcast recorded this weekend and published almost straight away once I’m happy with it.

The other night I had the good fortune to witness the sun setting. I had been out for a walk over fairly flat ground and saw the sun go down over a period of about an hour and a half. Those fiery orange then pinky scarlet red colours that enflame the sky as the sun disappears behind the hills. It leaves you in awe of what you have just witnessed and feeling blessed to have the sight to such a spectacular show free of charge.

Then you wake up the next day to discover the same force of nature that had you mesmerized the night before has now deeply saddened your heart when you hear of a major natural disaster. One thing is for sure this nature and this universe are a million times more power full than any power that we can muster up. It’s at times of natural disasters we realise that we are not in control of all things like we like to think we are. What we are in control of is the ability to love and care for one another yet we don’t. Mans drive for power and status makes us forget about the very needs of the people on our own door step. Last time I checked we are all made up of the same components yet our minds make enemies, pride, ego, and stubbornness get in the way stopping us from having a relationship of peace and love. But there is hope and it starts with you and me. Change out hearts change the world I believe it is that simple!!

It starts with You and Me my friends You and Me. Let’s do it.

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