The wonder of being creative

Creativeness as you know can come in many forms whether it be painting, drawing, photography, writing, music, sculpturing, dancing, acting and so on. Its mind blowing that everything all around us started with a thought a dream a vision with in someones mind. There is also something very peaceful about spending time on your own creating something from a thought within your head. The frustration can come when the the end result does not match the the vision you had in your mind, its then that you are faced with a decision of, is the end result something I can live with, is it for the intended purpose and do I have or want to spend the time continuing to work on what ever project you are creating. This is where you need to find the balance.

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The final chapter

I’ve always said a life is like an adventure novel, full of action, drama, thrills, and spills, not to forget the highs and lows. Les was no different, he had his fare share of action and adventure over the years. He served in the Royal Air force as a pilots navigator and also flew for the prestigious red arrows before they were red if I can remember rightly. Les was also a keen motorcyclist and his biking adventures were equally thrilling but he gave biking up when a friend was killed on an outing.

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Change our hearts change the world

Hi Friends

It really has been too long since my last post or podcast, over a week. I cant believe its been that long. Life is hectic thats for sure but glad to be back on track and glad to be back posting and will be getting my next podcast recorded this weekend and published almost straight away once I’m happy with it.

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A place to be just me



Hi Friends,

I’m sure we all have places that we enjoy going to, to chill out and forget about our daily stresses, but how many places do you have that let you be you in the here and now. A place where you forget about who you are and where you are from. Just your present self being part of your surroundings. If I had read the above words years ago I wouldn’t have understood the concept. Take this place in the picture above for instance. This is Southerness light house, it is on the south west coast of Scotland called the solway coast. It sits on the most Southerly point of the coast hence the name. We came camping here this year a couple of times and my heart tells me I want to go back.

You see when I’m sitting on the rocks watching the ocean toss and turn and wrestle with itself and, seeing birds dive into the water like Olympic divers to catch fish whilst the wind mildly blows across the sandy beach,  I find myself at one with my surroundings and feel part of it here and now. Yesterday doesnt exist neither does tomorrow, even the next minute is not thought of. In fact thinking doesnt take place just the wonder of witnessing the here and now. Continue reading A place to be just me

Don’t die with your music still in you

Hey Friends,

We’ll we are just about over the half way hurdle towards the weekend. I hope you all are feeling well.

You know there is a quote I will never forget and is one that over the years has become more true and relevant the older I get and that is the following quote from the late Dr Wayne Dyer.

“Dont die with your music still in you”.

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Into the Wild



Hey Friends,

Being that I had an easy day today, I had time to sit and flick through Netflix this afternoon. I dont usualy find it easy to choose a movie to watch, I find the best films are the ones you come accross not having been planned but by flicking through the channels and comming to a channel where the movie is just starting and you find yourself getting engrossed in it. However one film caught my eye due to it’s title and since I love being out in the wildernes, I had to see what In to the Wild was about. As I got in to the movie and saw the bus in the photo above I quickly realised I had seen a documentary about this very story a while back so this had me hooked.

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