A new year a new start

Hey Friends,

So I’ve let the blog run by itself in the last couple of months and there is a few good reasons for this but the main reason is, I let myself get sidetracked and divert from the main reason I started blogging in the first place which is to blog about what I enjoy. I love writing and hearing about other peoples way of life, I love where I live and all the things I see day today. All my memories from childhood right up to now are all here in Scotland. Where did I go wrong well although I have a love for music and am pleased with my blog posts on music I started moving into podcasting bands who own their own music. Whilst I enjoyed doing that the process took so long from getting authorisation from artists to recording and producing a podcast with music by the time that’s all done not much time is left for blogging. Anyone who has produced podcasts with music will understand the legal minefield you entering when making sure you get proper authorisation. One of the big problems is unlike radio you cannot get a license from record companies play music on podcasts so you have to get authorisation from artists who are not tied to record companies, and that is very time consumming. I will still be doing podcasts from time to time but these will be centred around a specific subject and  when I can fit them in. My main prioriy just now is to get the blog back up and running.

Take care friends its always good to hear from you all so dont forget to leave a coment or subscribe via the subscribe feilds on the left hand side bar.






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