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Hi Friends,

I’m sure we all have places that we enjoy going to, to chill out and forget about our daily stresses, but how many places do you have that let you be you in the here and now. A place where you forget about who you are and where you are from. Just your present self being part of your surroundings. If I had read the above words years ago I wouldn’t have understood the concept. Take this place in the picture above for instance. This is Southerness light house, it is on the south west coast of Scotland called the solway coast. It sits on the most Southerly point of the coast hence the name. We came camping here this year a couple of times and my heart tells me I want to go back.

You see when I’m sitting on the rocks watching the ocean toss and turn and wrestle with itself and, seeing birds dive into the water like Olympic divers to catch fish whilst the wind mildly blows across the sandy beach,  I find myself at one with my surroundings and feel part of it here and now. Yesterday doesnt exist neither does tomorrow, even the next minute is not thought of. In fact thinking doesnt take place just the wonder of witnessing the here and now.

There is some thing so special about being around the ocean, maybe its because the the ocean is a force that can be seen and heard and its also something much more powerful than ourselves that we do not have control over. And the vast open space when the tide is out, lets the invisible force of the wind blow right through you and that in its self is so revitalising and yet its free of charge.

I guess its these things that draws me back to the ocean front every so often, to be at one  with a force that not even the most powerful human on earth can dictate to. For the ocean will do what it will do regardless of anything else.

Years ago I wrote a poem about a piece of music that pianist Ludovico Einaudi composed. The title of that piece was called Le onde translated means The Waves so ties in perfectly with todays post. The poem I wrote perfectly describes the journey this piece takes me on:

Le Onde

Passion is in me
And when you play
My emotions are flung around
Like a child on a roller coaster ride
And just as I thought
My spirit could go no higher
My inner soul is tossed out
And I’m not in control
Like the Ocean thrashing the waves
Against the rocks on a desolate land

Calmly my mind settles
As the play begins to mellow
I breath in a lung full of air
And it fills my mind With elation
As the tide drifts smoothly
Back out to the ocean
My soul is rested
If only for a little while

From within your minds eye
To your fingers on the piano
You have expressed the emotion
From within your soul
Brought out of the dark
And into the light
Not only words
Need to say how we feel

Goodnight friends, and dont forget to comment about places that you go to that just lets you be you without judgment or question.


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