The wonder of being creative

Creativeness as you know can come in many forms whether it be painting, drawing, photography, writing, music, sculpturing, dancing, acting and so on. Its mind blowing that everything all around us started with a thought a dream a vision with in someones mind. There is also something very peaceful about spending time on your own creating something from a thought within your head. The frustration can come when the the end result does not match the the vision you had in your mind, its then that you are faced with a decision of, is the end result something I can live with, is it for the intended purpose and do I have or want to spend the time continuing to work on what ever project you are creating. This is where you need to find the balance.

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Hello, its been a while

Hi friends,

Yes it has been a while since my last post, life getting in the way busy time of year for everyone but getting back on track. As I have said before it is surprising how much time it takes to maintain a blog its more than you would think so I have more respect for bloggers than I did before having now gone through the process, as well as that putting out weekly podcasts it has added to the process. But thats not a complaint its just something learned along the way. As for the podcasts I would like to keep doing them as much as possible but promising them weekly is alot to achieve along with the blog and work, however I still intend puting them out as often as I can. I would like them to be more broad but still include music and hopefully talk about other subjects as well and even guests from time to time. A big part of it I would like is for you to get involved and tell us about your life where you live and a bit about yourself and your interests.¬† If you are interested in doing that you can contact me through the contact envelope on the left hand side of this page. I do love posting and really do enjoy hearing from other people and learning about there life it’s what keeps me motivated.

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