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Welcome to my blog, at this moment I am updating my blog but you can still look at some of the posts that are available. It wont be long before updates are complete and I can start posting again.

What are the updates taking place?

When I started out my blog I had a clear picture of what I wanted my blog to focus on but through time I got into other subjects that took me away from the main aim and that was to share the beauty of the country I was brought up in and still live in now. Scotland is a place of great history and even greater beauty, So now I am re arranging and deleting some marerial that I feel is irrelevant to my blog. It may look patchy and as if there is big gaps in times I have posted but it only because I have taken allot of material out but over the next while the blog will fill up again with posts that are relevant to the country that I love so much.


The Freedom of Kayaking why not give it a go



Kayaking is a great way of getting away from it all, I found nothing more chilling than being out on the water where no one can interrupt your batteries being recharged. The above photo was taken when I was kayaking some of the Forth and Clyde Canal. The Forth and Clyde canal is  35 mile long 56km. It runs from Grangemouth to Bowling near Dumbarton in Scotland.  part of it is a less than a ten minute drive from where I stay, so I was a regular visitor as it is a nice easy paddle on a calm day. As you can probably gather I never used to do all 35 miles, I just did a few miles maybe up 6. 3 out and 3 back but you dont have to do much distance at all to get enjoyment out it.

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The final chapter

I’ve always said a life is like an adventure novel, full of action, drama, thrills, and spills, not to forget the highs and lows. Les was no different, he had his fare share of action and adventure over the years. He served in the Royal Air force as a pilots navigator and also flew for the prestigious red arrows before they were red if I can remember rightly. Les was also a keen motorcyclist and his biking adventures were equally thrilling but he gave biking up when a friend was killed on an outing.

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The Breakers Yard

Hey Friends,

Has anyone else got one of those rooms in the house that if you cant find a place for something it goes into that room. Well we have got one of those rooms that took three trips to the local tip to clear. I have been wanting to clear it for a while now, but now its done it not only makes the room more presentable but its another job ticked off the list.

It has been good weather over the last week today included, so when taking the junk to the tip the car was very hot. As normal I went to reach for the switch that controls the electric windows and just before my hand reached the switch I remembered it was broken, the switch not my hand of course. Being that it was hot today the thought of going without a switch for much longer didn’t appeal to my already perspiring brow. I decided that after I had taken all the junk to the tip I would visit a car breakers yard and try and get a new one. Continue reading The Breakers Yard

Spur of the moment visit

River Allan

This friends is the the River Allan, it runs through the city of Dunblane. Today my 20 year old son was playing football against Dunblane at Dunblane High School. I would have driven up with my son but being that he needed to leave over an hour earlier than I needed to, we both took our own cars, otherwise I would have been standing about for a while waiting on the team to come out and warm up and start the game. The thirty minute journey is an easy one and is motorway almost all the way. The game was good to watch but my sons team got beat good style however, like good sportsmen they kept their spirits up and congratulated the other team. On checking that everyone had a ride home,  nobody needed me to drop them off so I seized the opportunity to have a wee wonder round this picturesque city.

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We never planned to end up at Palacerigg



view over town

Hi Friends,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and had as good a time as we did getting out in this wonderful open space that is in abundance here. Being that it was a lovely afternoon on Saturday, my daughter and I went for a stroll up the trails and through the wooded walkways at the back of the town. A ten minute easy walk from our house and you’re entering the trails and woodland that in just a couple of minutes you’ll feel like you are in the middle of no where Continue reading We never planned to end up at Palacerigg

The Ropey

The Ropey

The Ropey? I hear you ask and whats with the scenic photo?  Aha let the story begin and by the end of the post you will know what a ropey is. Maybe the term is used outside Scotland. Even if you know the answer  Ive tied the explanation up in a childhood memory that puts a smile on my face and I think you will enjoy it too.

The ropey brought many an entertaining afternoon of fun. You know that feeling when you dash home from school rip of your school clothes and fling them up in the air to land who knows or who even cares where.  Tomorrow is a million hours away plenty of time to find them then. Continue reading The Ropey

The early morning Airport run

3.30am friends, somehow I managed to pull my self out of bed get dressed and come round to some kind of awakened consciousness. My 20 year old son meanwhile who will be boarding a plane to Salou in about 2 hours has been up showered and hyper with the anticipation of his  holiday ahead. Stepping out to the car, the still darkened town was still and quiet at least until I started the engine of my diesel Volvo V70, just one pick up on the way and that was to pick up my Sons Girlfriend 4 miles away.

Having made the planned collection of ones Sons Girlfriend, Continue reading The early morning Airport run

Rolling Rock

This poem is called Rolling Rock. I wrote it about the stage in life I suppose everyone goes through when you feel you as if  are just rolling through life like a rock tumbling down a mountain. When you are guided by events that take you in a direction you do not necessarily want to go but not having the strength to take control, it is an endless cycle until we definitively have a picture in our head of where we want to be and making the changes to get us there. This poem is dedicated to all you friends who have either come through these circumstances or find yourself in them. I know how it feels, but take strength in knowing that everything is achievable and you can get to where your heart is telling you, you should be, with courage and determination and support from like minded people. Whishing you all the strength for today.

Rolling Rock

I tumble through life like a rolling rock
Without a plan and no direction
Carried by circumstance,
and not through choice
I cannot stop this rolling rock Continue reading Rolling Rock

Good Morning

Friends, its  a better day here than it has been over the last few days. The sun isn’t exactly shinning but its not raining and that for us scots is a bonus.

It is one thing that has been very apparent over the last few years and that is the wetter weather over what would traditionally be called the summer months. May and June seem to be quite good months and then it seems to be longer periods of rain, quite heavy at times. Last year 2015 it seemed to rain from August to Feb 2016 Continue reading Good Morning